the best things to do in nyc this week | december 3, 2018

“Another way to get up close and personal with the creators whose work you're consuming is Hi Artist, a cultural and event company that produces pop-up contemporary dance performances and gives audiences the opportunity to mingle with the performers before and after the show. Volume 3: Venus celebrates women in contemporary dance with a program entirely created by local female choreographers: Thryn Saxon, Emily Tellier, Maiya Redding, Holly Ledbetter, and Matilda Sakamoto.”

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Elizabeth Cooke, Founder of Hi Artist, Explains What Gives Salon-Style Dance An Edge

“Hi Artist events provide a new way to see dance, and their audiences most love the intimacy that the format provides. After the performance, the dancers join the audience for drinks and conversation, giving guests the opportunity to meet the artists both as performers and as people. The entire event, not just the show itself, is an experience, and through this format the company hopes to introduce dance to new audiences. Everything they do was designed based on findings from 10+ months of customer research.”

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Audience Reviews

"The intimacy of the space allowed me to experience dance in a different manner than I'd been able to before. I'm grateful that this is a thing."

"Hi Artist went far and above my expectations, it was like a party with really interesting people with a dance concert built in!"

" was so fun and unexpected"

"This was awesome! The space was beautiful and every detail was intentional."

"I loved the opportunity to meet and chat with the artists after the show. It was a special opportunity to get to talk to artists in such an intimate setting about their work. The entire event was so much fun and the dances were entertaining and just the right length."

"Perfect atmosphere, solid performances...and unique structure." 

"...great intimacy and use of the space!"

"Great event, overall, and I very much appreciated the 'personal touch' of interacting with the organizer/founder."

"Can't wait for more."

“I've been to the ballet a lot but never a modern dance performance, so I found it hard to follow some of it, but that's what made it fun, the not knowing and trying to figure it out. Being able to speak with the dancers and hear what the thought was behind the piece made it all that much better as well. Great show! I loved it! I'm looking forward to the next one!”